International Chamber of Commerce -Sri Lanka (ICCSL) planning to open the Chinese Market for the Sri Lankan Manufacturers

China Import Expo, Kunshan 2014’ is an event organized by the International Commerce Chamber China in cooperation with The Ministry of Commerce China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government. The event is organized with the intention of opening up the boundaries of the Chinese market to international trade.

The International Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka (ICCSL) is in the process of taking a delegation to participate at this exhibition. The International Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka did a study with their partners in China, The International Chamber of Commerce China and found there will be a very high potential for the Gem, Garments and Tourism. The ICCSL has already made a reservation for some exhibition stalls.

The high value gem businesses and the value added garments manufactures will stand a very high potential at this exhibition. China is one of the leading markets for the Sri Lankan gems and Tourism. Each 9x9 stall includes one discussion table, Two Chairs, Two 40w fluorescent spot lights, one 220v/5v socket, One Fascia Board with the company name in Chinese and English and the participating company details shall be displayed in the exhibition catalogue. ICC China agreed to the idea of decorating the stalls with Sri Lankan flags. Once a company confirms their participation their profile will be sent to China. The organizers agreed to do some marketing before the event with the potential buyers in China.

The China Import Expo, Kunshan 2014’ will start on the 14th of May until the 17th of May 2014. In addition to this exhibition a series of events organised during the same time. There will be a participation of Businessman from many countries to this event. Some of the programmes scheduled as follows.

1. The World Business Leaders (Kunshan) Conference & the Second ICC Asia Pacific CEO Forum 
Date:May 14 Venue:Huaqiao International Business Park Expo Center 

Introduction of the event:Co-hosted by ICC and CCOIC, hot topics of international trade will be discussed, to promote investment and trade cooperation among Asia-Pacific companies. 

2. China Import Forum
Date:May 14 Venue:Longqi Jianguo Hotel, Kunshan

Introduction of the event:Introduction of import stimulus policies and information along with import development agendas in China. Measures to promote trade facilitation and strengthen trade promotion will be discussed and trade promotion activities will be organized.

3. Domestic and Foreign Retail Groups Match-making Meeting
Date:May 15-16 Venue:Hall C, Kunshan Convention and Exhibition Centre

Introduction of the event:According to the purchasing list and cooperative intents of multinational retail groups, invite highly qualified vendors, local governments and production bases to participate in one-on-one match-making meeting, help more vendors of good quality to enter the supply chain of multinational retail groups.

4. The Second International Summit on Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Railway Transport
Date:May 15 Venue:Huaqiao International Business Park Expo Center

Introduction of the event: This summit focuses on advanced manufacturing processes and technologies of railway locomotive and its key components, automated production lines, locomotive power transmission solutions and electrical control technology to ensure the safety and intelligent operation of locomotives. The summit aims to promote efficient production process and processing solutions with high flexibility and productivity as well as the industrial control technology with high reliability during the manufacturing process of locomotive and its key components. It also aims to push forward the overall level of railway locomotive manufacturing in China, promote technical innovation and the application and development of advanced manufacturing technology of rail transit in China during the Twelfth “Five-Year” Period.

5. 2014 Imported Food Industry Development Seminar
Date:May 16 Venue:Kunshan Convention and Exhibition Center

Introduction of the event:This seminar aims to implement the strategic work arrangements of national food security this year, specifically regarding the imported food industry development, continuously push forward the comprehensive implementation of the Food Safety Law, help to build China’s social image of the imported food enterprises. The seminar plans to invite directors of related functional departments to make introductions of the latest regulations and policies regarding import and export as well as imported food security supervision. Excellent enterprises and entrepreneurs will also be invited to introduce advanced management experience in food safety and industry experts will propose suggestions on imported food industry development.

The Ministry Of Finance in China has decided to increase the amount of imports in the country by an averaging of 60% off the most-favoured-nation duty rates which shall be applied to 767 imported commodities. The Ministry Of China is now working on policies to expand import by lowering tariff and in order to promote steady growth in foreign trade. Their target is to help increase foreign trade in China and encourage the import of advanced technological equipment; and at the same time to import components that cannot be produced in China while finding a market for Chinese productions which are not met with the demand in the Chinese market. 

Therefore, China Import Expo, Kunshan 2014’ would be a great opportunity for Sri Lankan Business to find more space in the Chinese market for our productions. Those who are interested are encouraged apply as soon as possible since the amount of stalls are limited. You may get all the details by sending a mail to or from the chamber web site

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