Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation: Making Cross - Border Trade Easier for Sri Lankan Business - 26th April 2017

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    William Nash
    William Nash United States of America
  • Let me congratulate you in not only organising today's forum but also handling the Panel Discussion session admirably. I hope that all the chambers will support you in jointly placing the issues before the authorities with a view to getting some form of continuous responses to all queries raised without delay. Thank you for inviting me and let me know whether I can be of help in any way.

    Parama Dharmawardene
    Parama Dharmawardene 26/04/2017
  • Thanks keerthi Yes it was great fun and I very much appreciated your generosity in inviting me. I must also congratulate you on a very successful conference on Wednesday. I think this went very well and there was a lot of interest which is most constructive. This will require a great deal of follow up though so do please let us know whatw e can do to assist. This whole subject is very important to Maersk and we will do all that we can to make this work so please so keep in touch. Thanks again very much for your hospitality and your hard work it was much appreciated. I look foreard to seeing you again soon. With best regards

    Julian bevis
    Julian bevis 30/04/2017
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